Avenger's Poster Give Away Tea Time

Sean was coming over to pick up the Avengers-Age of Ultron poster that Jack & I picked up for Donnovan and Cody thought it would be a good idea for some Tea!

We went with Lion's Blend from FridayTea's Etsy shop

I am still using the tea pot that I got from Tevana--mostly because I love how well you can reheat and/or brew a second pot without making a giant mess or loosing to much flavor.

The tea looked solid & brewed up nicely

 Sean was running late and since we had to get Kate to dance Cody & I moved the poster out onto the patio

Cody added a lot of sugar

And some white chocolate chips

 It was a fun afternoon.

It looks like Friday has not posted a video in  a while, I really hope that she is not done with that video series--I really enjoy it!