Crisis of the 12

Another great session of the Bake in Vandales garage!

the Future drawing hijinks are back

I took better notes again this week--there is a lot going on.

The snacks were out of control.

I am still playing K>U>B>A the Monk--the latest in a long line of Shardminds that I have played during this campaign.

Cameron is back with a female dwarf cleric--very weird build.

Andrews Bemin is finally starting to be revieled to be the villian he is and/or may be.

Brett has his ganger regularly doing 150 points per round.

James was in fine form.

Brett scored a righteous Fun Dip!

The temple of the Silver Flame was burnt down--again--by Devils. We were able to rescue Leviticus & Marcus.

I think that Andrew is the only one who rolled a crit, those James rolled very well with my dice!