Eagles, Magots, Ketchup, Mexican Food, and Failed Survivor

Though I am showing no improvement at using Pano on my iPhone to capture the room, I did have a great night at D&D Encounters at Comic Quest in El Toro--it was Secret Wars Kickoff day, which was not nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be, but still a great night of D&D.

We had two DMs--above you see Robert with a Coke in his hand--Camille is kneeling by Brendan next to Jack next to Ben by Regina...not sure what happened to Josh's face, but the Mountain Dew can came out great!

Camille made a great DM Head Band!We had lots of candy...

The shop is still running two games out side & the games inside are going great--we did have a wonderful Hugo Conversation before the start of play, as well as argued about the Bearded C 

which is correctly called a c-cedilla.

Brian showed up a little late & he and Jack once again had a blast...Jack was unable to identify this image

which cost Jack all of this RP1 points!

Running with two DM's was great--one did the RP and the other did Combat & both of them scored crits in their own way!

This hand crafted battle mat was amazing--a hand drawn map of the castle--ultimate infinite DIY points!

Pepto Bismo was a star--snuck in and lower the draw bridge!

We ended the session prepared for a big battle on the stairs!

A very fun week! 

We voted Jack off during the Survivor portion of the game--this is the second time he has been sent home!