Gamex 2015

Jack & I headed to Gamex this weekend. The highlight was likely the tourists with the dead battery on level four--luckily we had jumper cables & after jumping their car took their fantastic parking spot.

Of course, this spot ended up coasting us US$30 for the day! I am seriously considering finding a cheaper way to attend next con!

This image needs to be on the next Gamex t-shirt--is is definitely my mantra for con:

Jack and I scored tons of Dum-Dums & a great hand fan during registration--which was $30 bucks for the day--EACH! we definitely need to do something about this--$90 to park and attend is just way to much for a day at Con & we still have not purchased nachos, pizza, tube of dice, or any of the other required tools

Speaking of Nachos this was likely our first stop--the food at New Con Location is fantastic

Jack & I hit the Paint and Take minis to get some heroes for our games. Jack had broke his glasses that morning so these are his new two dot pair--which really added to his painting focus.

I made a Slaver with Trident & Net--totally awesome!

Jack totally crushed me with his Bunny with Spear

Then we signed up for games--a little late night Gurps

A great game of Space Hulk--which is not Hulk on a Space ship, as we had hoped

Then some Nuke War in the lobby with Luis

We struggled with a horrible game of Pandemic--actually first time we had won, but we cheated on turn order and some other mechanics so I am not sure we can count it--the couple we played with were awesome--died hair, crazy focused--they had just played some Farting game tournament and were on fire

Our GURPs game was on Star Trek Voyager:

We battled some strange creatures in a mostly non combat type of way which is so popular in GURPS

Our GMs did accidently write on his mat with a wet erase marker, which was tragic.

The big take away from this con was we need to plan more--we did not play any D&D, we did not really game with any people we knew, and we left before 4 in the morning--we will do better next time!