Review--Round Table 69 - Fantasy Grounds 2

This is a fantastic episode of Round Table discussing Virtual Table Tops--specifically Fantasy Grounds. The blurb has:

James Introcaso sits down with Doug Davidson of SmiteWorks, makers of Fantasy Grounds, and Greg Tito of Wizards of the Coast, makers of Dungeons and Dragons. They discuss the companies' partnership to bring Dungeons and Dragons products to Fantasy Grounds. Then we get a few teases from Greg about the upcoming Rage of Demons storyline! This podcast was recorded on May 7, 2014.

This is the podcast that actually got me to install Fantasy Grounds and start working through setup, license purchase, and the related tasks that go with preparing to run and play in Virtual Table Top Games.

The opening question--"what is your favorite magic item" is awesome & leads to some wonderful conversation around rings of invisibility, bags of holding, &  the Hand of Vecna