So Much Guac! Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S8

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest!

Chase stopped by for some Lemonade to get the night started--we told funny IT stories on the porch on a beautiful day

It started off with Amazon delivering Chinese Feathers--I think my wife may be trying to start the next influenza plague!

There was some talk of a weird steam punk tattoo--I am not sure what is going on here

We had mall sushi which was a blast even thought Jeffery tried to scam the shop with expired coupons!

The shop was packed with players--our table was in a great mood

It was Ben's birthday so we sang happy birthday to him--even though I did not get a picture of him!

Our new players are doing awesome.

Regina brought extra chips and salsa

and the worlds greatest guacamole!

Again this week, I felt like there was plenty of room at the table to spread out:

and my dice were in fine form!

DM Robert had built a fantastic encounter

We had a ton of crits this week--Regina is rolling Sorry style inside the Chessex box:

Ben nailed this birthday Crit!

Brendan scored two crits

and this is actually a crit in a stupid Low Roll Wins Survivor rule we created

My character Pepto Bismo was voted off the island again!