Top 7 Related People to Dungeons & Dragons

I did a search on Bing and got this image on the side that listed the top seven people related to D&D.

Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson are the creators. Clearly they should be on the list.

Vin Diesel, Tim Duncan, & Stephen Colbert are all fairly popular celebrities who have talked about playing D&D in interviews.

Jon Favreau is a movie director who is very well known is some circles but likely not a house hold name like Joss Whedon or something--but still a celebrity.

Chris Pritchard is...well...a man who killed his mom for the inheretence. During the police investigation he talked about playing D&D in the North Carolina Steam Tunnels...I do not think he is very famous...his involvement with D&D is very tangential and largely seen as a blight on the history of the Worlds Greatest Game. 

I was shocked to see him on the list when there are so many better examples of D&D Related People in popular culture.