Using Fantasy Grounds--Installation, part 1

After listening to a Tome Show Round Table episode on Fantasy Grounds, I finally decided to install it and give it a go.

The down-loader, FGWebInstall.exe was easy to find & ran very smoothly--totally impressed with this & if the 'patch system' which sends updates to content works this well without Steam I will be very impressed.

I do plan to run this on my old mac PowerBook laptop, so this is just a demo install to make sure I know what I am doing.

And I don't...

I get the following after install

I am still confused around what key I need and how I am going to afford it, but the username field also gave me issues

Evidently asking for a logon that I do not think I have created & I cannot quickly find on the download site and/or a way to do it from the client.

Next I start looking for the 5E content that I want to use:

The license is for 4E content & I am still not sure what all of my options are at this time.

At which point I gave up & decided i needed to spend more time on the forums & the discussion rooms & maybe find a specialist that will walk me through some of this.