Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S11

Another huge night of D&D Encounters after a I missed two in a row because of work....

Before the game we did a T-Shirt selfie contest

Which was awesome.

Jack and I were a little late this week & the action was already on outside the shop at DM Camille's table [he was filling in for DM Chris], and DM Chloe's table which filled up and caused DM Spenser to be called in to run a second high level table!

DM Robert was fired up and ready to run.

Josh continues to play his Super Powered Druid--whose bear form is still likely the most optimized character at the table

Regina, Ben, and New Chris were also in fine form this week.

We also had Nepal, Brendan, & new Nathan

as well as Josh.

we basically broke camp & continued on our way to the camp marked on the map we had acquired from the Sky Castle


Actually, they were more like Pirates...and our Goliath was able to mark them up and tie up about half of them.

The Reaver leader created a Cyclone which did a good job of slowing us down.

and we had some solid rolling 

to our final victory in the fight--we did capture two prisoners which we will investigate next time!

I also found it funny this week that I had pre-entered my GroupMe Text Chat with the only obvious response to just about anything posted on a Wednesday night: