Sheets and Screens and Minis, Oh My! (Tome 249)

An interesting installment from Jeff this time--basically, an old School Product review which I have not heard him do since the early 4E days. Tracy was not there which also significantly impacted the discussion. Here is the blurb:
In this episode, Jeff is joined by Jon Green and Allison Rossi to talk about gaming accessories for your RPG. They discuss three new-ish accessories; the DM Screen produced by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons, the new line of minis produced by Wizkids, and a character and campaign tracking app called Sheet Yourself.

I really enjoyed their discussion of the DM Screen. The 5E screen is VERY different from previous screens.

The strength of the cover art was covered well, but I do not think the review celebrated the glory of the interior art--I really love that the DM gets pretty pictures for the first time!

The mini conversation was mostly around the Dragons--which are great--but the new character icon's are very fantastic:

The discussion around Sheet Yourself was largely a waste of time--I will never use this...basically it just shows the continued frustration of the community. 

We need Digital Tools. We need an Online Character Builder. We need Online Character sheets. We need these when the edition is released not at some future GENCON.