Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S17

Another great week of D&D Encounters starts at Chipotle. We saw an amazing Kragle license plate!

It was DM Chris' birthday and his amazing wife sent this incredible Dragon Cup Cake Cake!

We got some Video of the birthday cake presentation

Here is a close up of my amazing USA Kick's Ass lighter

More birthday cake goodness

We did a fairly good job singing!

Jack added skittles to the cupcake which is not a very good idea.


DM Chris' table continues to be on fire.

A look behind my screen.


Initially the outdoor sunlight was a bit of a drag

But the shop has new outdoor lights which rule.

Brian was on fire, as always!

There was plenty of room at the table.

There were a few crits rolled, but I did not get pictures of them all...

Fun night for everyone!

Actual Play Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S17


Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S16

Jack and I started on the Porch waiting for Brian to arrive...We rushed over to Dee's where it took Jack almost two minutes to take out the trash!

Then we headed to the shop after reviewing this great photo.

The Baby was there which was very cute & the parents seemed very calm and collected--it was awesome to meet the next great Gamer!

The shop was super crowded--lots of Magic players for the new set--first time we ever ran out of chairs!

Gamers were in position!

Alejandro was not that impressed with the entire event!

It turns out you can take a selfie with a Crit!

And there were a lot of Crits rolled this week!

Unfortunately there were mostly from DM Robert!