Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S15

Another Fun week of D&D Encounters.

We went to Pho for dinner & then grabbed some Peets. There was a great VW Bug outside the shop.

The tables were full when I showed up -- outside is really looking like they are having a lot of fun!

More images of the SLUG BUG that was parked outside.

The snacks were flowing freely as I tried to master the art of Pano.

Still not very good at it!

I brought Camille a power cord, but he did not use it. Chris was not there this week, but other players are stepping up to run the table in his abscence which is fantastic to see.

DM Robert ran my table, which was a fairly managable size this week.



Mike & Jack

DM Robert rolled 5 Crits in one night--which may be an Encounters record--he rolled three in a row which is definitely the most I have ever seen!

the players also got in a few good roles--at level five we are fairly tough at this point!

It was a very fun Wednesday night!