Princes of the Apocalypse Review (Tome 250)

This is a fantastic episode of the Tome. Here is the blurb:

In this episode, number 250 (250!!) Jeff and Tracy join guests Geoffrey Winn and Matt James to discuss the second epic storyline adventure produced for D&D, Princes of the Apocalypse. Their analysis is followed by an interview with Rich Baker, the lead designer of the product.
Matt James is always awesome on the Tome--he is playful, well informed, clever, passionate about the material, wise in the history of D&D, and just a flat out awesome guest. His comic foil to the more conservative Jeff & Geoffrey is extremely entertaining & fun to listen to.

Again, Tracy does not add much here--she kind of steps in with Gender Representation in Art comment occasionally, but it mostly seems like she has not really read the material & fails to articulate her general concerns around Dungeons--which would have been nice since Princes of the Apocalypse is basically one massive dungeon crawl after another. Matt even calls her out on this & she talks about his visit rather then the material under discussion...

The second part of the podcast in which Jeff interviews Rich Baker if fantastic behind the scenes stuff--I am not sure if this is because of Rich's candor and overall awesomeness or Jeff's ability to listen and ask great questions, but this really is one of the best 'how did you do it' type D&D interviews I have heard in a long long time.

The Tome really likes Princes of the Apocalypse and I share their enthusiasm--it really is a great adventure with some fantastic open ended adventuring opportunities.