Round Table 75 - Kobold Press Update

Here is the blurb:
James Introcaso sits down with Wolfgang Baur, Kobold in Chief of Kobold Press about his upcoming visits to PaizoCon and North Texas RPG Con as well as his upcoming events at Gen Con. Then they talk about Wolfgang Baur's wish for a fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons OGL and all the awesome products he has planned once (if) it launches. Spoiler alert - fifth edition Midgard Campaign Setting is liberally spoken about. This podcast was recorded on June 17, 2014.

I did not think that this was a very good episode. Wolfgang is such a D&D Insider his experience with the game is very remote from mine so I do not really relate to much of what he is feeling about the game right now.

Also, I think James is much better on player focused topics & these insider interviews work better with Jeff on the main Tome show.