DM Summit @ Twisted Noodles

Spenser, Chloe, and I had lunch at Twisted Noodles today to discuss D&D Encounters at Comic Quest. Actually, I needed to hit the Starbucks there to earn some stars to regain my Gold standing. And actually, we spent more time talking about Spenser's upcoming Babymoon to Portland--I was that old guy with kids giving too much advice, Chloe was the excited good listener, and Spenser was awesome.

In any event, things have gotten a little confusing at Comic Quest & I assume we are not the only Adventure League Location which is currently struggling a bit. 

Let me review how I see the tables, this may be very inaccurate [just based on what I observe while walking past mostly]--
currently, we have six tables:
  1. Lost Mine of Phandelver--DM Andrew
    This table started up about half way through the season with some new players jumping in. They are having a blast. There are about 6 people at the table each week. The DM is doing a great job.

  2. Princes of the Apocalypse--DM Chris
    This table is moving through this season of D&D Encounters module with a lot of focus. They are likely on schedule to finish at the end of the season. Most of the players have been at the table the entire time.

  3. Princes of the Apocalypse--DM Robert
    This table is struggling a bit--player turn over, DM availability, etc. have caused them to fall far off the pace. Many of the players that started at this table have moved to other tables.

  4. Home Brew--DM Camille
    After DM Robert's table finished the free PofA material, DM Camille started a home brew adventure with several of the players from DM Roberts table. DM Camille often covers for DM Chris & DM Robert when they are not available so I am not really sure what the status of this table currently is.

  5. Rise of Tiamet--DM Chloe
    This table is doing great. There are 4 players that are very consistent.

  6. Rise of Tiamet--DM Spenser
    Again this table is on track to finish the season on time. Players are engaged--though I think he has lost a few and/or some may be a little spotty--but overall I think this is good.
so, in review, things look much more healthy then I had originally assumed. I think that we are in a good position to start planning for next season!