Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S19

Ready for another week of D&D Encounters!

We started at Chipotle

We had 6 tables and 35 players at Comic Quest this week--amazing!

DM Chris table was on fire running Princes of the Apocalypse

DM Chloe is closing in on the Hoard of the Dragon Queen / Rise of Tiamet story arc.

Tiffany, Brian, & John were at DM Spencer's table which is on fire

I ran a table again this week.

Bunch of new players & Jack ran through the retaliation phase and headed to the Earth Temple

The players rolled HORRIBLY and there were not crits--may be the first time in the history of D&D Encounters!

Here is Jacks character sketch of Srepah, my Elf Rouge...yes he is standing on a mountain of meat...