Ashes of the Tyrant

In a direct follow-up to her fourth book in the Brimstone Angels series, Fire in the Blood, Erin M. Evans thrusts her signature character Farideh into a fast-paced murder mystery rife with political intrigue. 
In the wake of the war brought on by the Sundering, Farideh’s adopted father Mehen has been called back by the clan that cast him out, and Farideh and Havilar mean to go with him. Just as Mehen confronts the head of his former clan, a clutch of young dragonborn is found in the catacombs, brutally murdered, an infernal summoning circle that looks all-too-familiar to Farideh, nearby.

Amazon has this available for Pre-Order now!

D&D Extra Life

 Bart Carroll, Shelly Mazzanoble, Trevor Kidd, & Greg Tito create another great podcast!

A look at the challenges of fantasy writing, and then how you can get involved in this year's D&D Extra Life charity event. In today’s episode, we’ll meet Deborah Davitt, fantasy author of the The Valkyrie and The Goddess Denied, the first two books in her Edda-Earth series.
And then, the D&D Team’s Greg Bilsland joins us, to talk about this year’s Extra Life charity event.

The first part is OK--a fun conversation with an FanFic writer--not that great & just another reminder of how little D&D Content is currently coming out...

The Extra Life section is super GREAT! First the fact that D&D has a special Extra Life weekend is fantastic.  

There is additional information regarding Tabletop Appreciation Weekend:
Starting on Friday, October 2 and lasting until Sunday, October 4, Extra Life is holding its inaugural Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend with the support of tabletop communities across the globe! With just over one month until the official Extra Life Game Day (Nov. 7th), we'll be encouraging the Extra Life community to get out and play their favorite tabletop games For The Kids at their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. It's going to be a special weekend highlighting the relentless life-saving support of the tabletop community, complete with special announcements and tabletop themed incentives for you to unlock.


Spellcasting Part 2 (Bonus Action 009) | The Tome Show

Another fantastic podcast--from James & Sam! I really love this series of podcasts--so helpful for DMs!

Here is the blurb
James and Sam are back with a new episode of the Bonus Action podcast! In this episode they discuss the difference in spellcasting rules between classes. This is a follow-up episode to Bonus Action 007 - Spellcasting Basics, so if you haven't listened to that one in a while, take a few minutes to go back and give yourself a refresher course on spells and terms in 5th edition D&D.

Sam describes this as the most complicated part of the game & I completely agree; yet, they do a fantastic job breaking this down by class.


What would a rational person want from a Demon Lord - Mike Mearls

Here is another great Mike Mearls D&D Quote

We really wanted to think about it "What would a rational person want from a Demon Lord". So we had some these ideas like you could take Orcus well  he is the Demon Prince of Undeath--he wants to kill everything and make it undead. What rational person would worship that or follow him. Or things like Demogorgon where it is like the pure rage if you want strength and power unlock that madness within you and destroy everything that stands in front of you "I will give you that strength"...or "we"...since Demogorgon has two heads.


Star Wars

I am trying to stream the original edition of Star Wars--I am only able to find the 2004 Edition on Amazon--is anyone aware of another source for streaming the 1977 Edition?