Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S1

This week was week two at Kingslayer Comics -- last week we did Character Creation. I had taken last season off of D&D Encounters [mostly because my wife found the material too scary], but also because I needed a bit of a creative break.

I am back behind the screen DM'ing for Curse of Strahd & I am ready to roll!

I loved the original Ravenloft stuff which dropped just at the end of my Bauhaus phase--I remember finding it fun and campy and that it lead nicely to my mockery of Vampire the Masquerade and all the Circles of Black which that brought to the D&D Community.

Kingslayer Comics where I am playing is fantastic--we had 12 players at two tables which was totally perfect. DM Kevin and I had developed a prequel adventure to get the players into the mood & make sure that they were comfortable with their role playing and general D&D mechanics.

It went really well--the players seemed very into it

There was some combat & we did use the Pathfinder iCrit and iFumble apps which are totally fantastic.

I had not planed on using mini's--but the players had come prepared and so we created some impromptu encounters which felt very old school to me--the 3x5 card is a platform, the blue skittles are drow, etc.