X-Men Apocalypse

Jack, Kate, Brian, & I went and saw this opening night in RPX--IMAX was showing Alice. 

I thought it was fine for what it was, but in this age of Civil War it really does not compare that favorbaly.

Phoenix Rules, it is not a Wolverine Movie, & Quicksilver actually develops--all powerful moves in the write direction, but if one is not in tune with the X-Men this movie is likely not for you.

Also, this was the first comic movie opening I have been to that was not sold out in the last few years...

Murlocs for D&D

Zendikar Art

There is so much great Zendikar art. I wonder if WotC had a larger budget for this set then for previous sets.

Also, Cody's home game is set in Zendikar.

Overwatch Release at Blizzard

James & I went to the Blizzard campus for the free popsicles & the Overwatch release event. 

I forgot to take pictures at Blizzard, but I did get this great shot of the standup at the mexican place where we had lunch.

D&D @ Meltdown


Actual Play Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S10

Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S10

Cody joins the Burning Brooms! This was his first week at D&D Encounters.

The rest of the team welcomed him with open arms!

The game was kind of mired in Vallaki for the last few weeks, so I tried to get things moving.

Here is an Curse of Strahd electrum piece

I think I will start using more mini's going foreword--the party is getting very creative with the use of Taffy & Cheese wax to make things work.

This is Cody's battle plan

Behind the screen things are still a little crazy

We had at least two crits this week!


Actual Play Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S9

Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S9

There was a bee invasion in the parking lot.

One of the players purchased a mimic dice bag which is totally awesome.

Table is crazy crowded again--I leant my dice to Rock Star who was back this week--had not seen him at the table with his Pirate Priest since the first or second week of the season.

There was also a new player who had an awesome satanist cleric.

We did not get much done this week--some combat, a little city exploration--the party is very confused as to what they should be doing.

The do continue to create amazing structures with Cheese Wax

The Pathfinder iCrit app is working great--lots of fumbles and critical hits


Friday Night Magic @ So Cal Magic

Jack & I went drafting with some of his friends to So Cal Magic in Anaheim.

On the way we saw yet another terrorist with a Strom Trooper helmet sticker on his car--Jack was able to get video which includes the license plate number.

The draft was cool--mostly laid back...there were some Spikes, but in general a very casual draft.

 The shop had plenty of space in a very nice environment

Jack & I picked up new mats with the Shadows over Innerstrad theme

Extra Life 2016

Team Tuesday has started planning for the 24-hour gaming marathon on 11/05/2016 to raise money for CHOC.

Magery of Lairt 2

Our Second adventure was a huge success!

James was great--he and I are playing logically obsessive gnomes.

Andrew is the mad DM who has created a wonderful world.

Cameron is playing a half-elf ranger & having a blast.

we have a ton of table space

I am trying to take better notes--I assume Andrew is stacking up some surprises for us...something more dangerous then simple traps...

I went with the Paris mug this week for the coffee which was excellent

I do need to get a new laptop--the Mac I am using is old and really not that great--I am using the Hero Lab 5E build which is great, but not flawless on a 5 year old mac.

James rolled the first CRIT