Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S12

Cody & I drove to Kingslayer Comics for some Wednesday night D&D Encounters. I am DM'ing and Cody is playing Talon the Gnome Illusionist. Talon is from a Zendkar game that I am running and Cody uses that in his RP during the Encounters game which makes him sound hillarious has the rest of the party battles werewolves and he is off in the woods fighting Eldarazi--it is seriously gold!

Melissa & Jack were not there because it was the premier of Warcraft at the Spectrum--Jack took Alexander and they had a total blast! 

The guacamole  she sent was off the chart! I may start a guacamole recipe thread on pinterest or something it was so good!

The table is very cluttered with snacks, dice, camera's, mini's, etc

I ran without a screen last night which I think did save a ton of space.

And gave Cody more room to draw plans and climb over the board.

Our miniature collection is starting to straighten out.

I spent the first part of the night on character review and plot points--I am confused by the PC's and they are confused on their mission. I am not sure if the review helped at all or just served to further confuse them.

At the end of the day, the decided to return to the Hags at the Bonegrinder & kill them to take the orb which they think will help the Wizards of the Wine restore the vineyard to health. They always say that I told them to do this & I never ever do.

We did not have much rolling, but we did have some critical hits

Cody received this horrible fumble!

But quickly overcame it with this show of strength!