Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S16


Another great week of D&D at Kingslayer Comics!

Kyle brought fantastic snacks--Milk & Cookies, but more importantly:



I changed where I sat at the table & felt like I had more room...

We are winding towards the end of the Curse of Strahd! PC's were at level 7 and basically destroying some of the earlier encounters that they had missed.

I was hoping to get the players to the Amber Temple

But the finished the battle in the swamp & then killed all the druids near the Vineyard.

I used my first DM Guild product during this session! I used the 18 cursed items by the great Jeff C Stevens to deliver an hilarious shield which does 1d8 Necrotic if the PC does not make a sarcastic comment before an attack. It is shaped like  a bright yellow smiley face. So Good!

There were a lot of crits

I even got one!

But mostly it was the players