Stat Order

Recently, Brian asked me "what is the official order of D&D Character Stats"--which seems like a simple question, to me....In fact, I quickly responded with SIWDCCh, a word which is in my Dictionary and has been the only possible answer that I have ever heard or considered.

I base my response on this:

1st Edition Character sheet

Which was the first 'official' character sheets I ever saw. Before these were available I used pen and paper, but I did write the stats in this order. 

I flipped through a recent notebook to ensure that I write them in the same order still:

Random Notebook Photo

The confusion starts with this 5th Ed Sheet:
5th Edition Character Sheet

which has Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, & Charisma--just plain wrong. 

The Stats are "grouped" correctly--with S & Ch book-ending the pairs [Dex / Con & Int / Wis]; but, overall this order is just crazy.

I checked some Pathfinder sheet which have this SDCIWCh madness....

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Is that one of the differences between D&D and Pathfinder? Does everyone else already know this & I am just late to the game?

So confused....