Actual Play Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S18 P



Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S18


Zendikar--Water Elemental

I played D&D with Cody, Josh, and Kate this Friday--it was our Zendikar Campaign.

I am using the great Zendikar Source Book

And the players fought in a Wizards Lab--the power of the lab was released causing a Water Elemental to be summoned:

And the lab to be come a portal ship which transported them to another mysterious plane....

My Little Pony -Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt

I have ordered a new t-shirt for Fund Raising!

The Devil You Know by Erin M Evans

New book cover out for the next Brimstone Angels novel--I am so excited to read this one!

Also, I hope that this time out we have a book tour, which I do not think she has done before; but, since there so few D&D Novel writers these days I think we should be able to get one!


Cloud Giant's Bargain

PAX is going to show D&D in theaters. If you go you get a free module.

Looks like it is going to be totally awesome!


Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S17

Cody left his backpack with his character sheets at home. This was evidently my fault since he had asked if I would bring it. Lisa brought his backpack to the shop which had his dice and mini's, but the she took his folder out to confirm it was in the backpack and left it on the kitchen table.

It was one of those nights!

I DM'd sitting down again this week, which was very nice. I had plenty of space.

Cody also had plenty of room to spread out. He also got to play a new character--Human Ranger! He named him Robin Cloak and really had a ton of fun...

The party continued to head towards the Amber Temple--but were attacked at a portcullis by Vroks before they could make it.

The players did roll a lot of Crit's & Fumbles, but I did not capture them all...I did continue to use the Pathfinder iCrit & iFumble applications which is a lot of fun!

I also rolled a double crit!

Killing the party's Saber Tooth Cat, which actually saddened a player a lot--I felt kind of bad...


Hearthstone Fireside Tournament at eSports Arena

Last night Cody, Jack, & I went to the eSports Arena to play Hearthstone!

There was an Extra Life meeting at the same time which I tangentially attended--good to see that is still being scheduled! Looks like we may not be able to use eSports Arena for our marathon this year & we need to find a replacement location--something with consoles & PC's already set up...

Jack played on the main stage for round 4--he one a close one!

It was Cody's first Public Play & he had a blast!


Zendikar -- The Wizards Lab

Cody, Josh, Kate, & I continued our adventures in the Zendikar D&D Setting!

After defeating Meepo & four orcs a strong Hodron emerged from the earth & transformed Meepo and his lizard mount into Elderazi Horror!

The team rallied and brought down the tentacled horror.

After defeating the Horror they followed the Hodron trail back, under the earth, to the Lair of a Wizard.