DM Prep--Storm King Thunder

So I am planning to run D&D Encounters at Alakazam Comics in Irvine.

I am using the Dungeon Bastard DM Prep videos as my foundation:

We are doing Character Creation tonight--it is a new shop & we are going to take our time getting started...So My first step was to follow Tom's advice and simplify my DM Kit.

Recently, I have been bringing a Jenga Set [for mapping] & a large bag

The Bag is totally crammed with stuff--dice, name tags, camera, books, DM notes, random swag

The stack of books is nuts

The DM notes has tokens for inspiration, post-it notes, reading notes, adventure notes, & 3x5 cards

There is also an extra pencil and hand sanitizer

There is also some just random crumpled notes

Basically, I have cut that way back to:
  1.  dice & tokens
  2. a smaller notebook that has some index cards in it
  3. name tags for the first session
  4. camera
  5. skittles
  6. the adventure.