Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S5

So during D&D Encounters, UCI Librarian to the stars John Sisson stopped by to inform us that he was in the IMAX ad for Doctor Strange!

Such solid nerd brag!

I have been working a lot + listening to a lot of Phish. Likely not spending enough time in D&D Preparation and this week was a big Role Playing week--the Sword Coast Coalition meet there first Giant!

We had the same players--Melissa, Cody, Brian, Scott, Eric, and Jon the new guy!

New guy Jon had never played 5E--and on his very first roll, with advantage [a mechanic he had never heard of before] he scored an amazing double crit!

I had plenty of room behind the screen

the table had a lot of fun

It was a very good week.