Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S7

Another fun week of D&D Encounters at Alakazam Comics. The closest Starbucks is super slow, so I will be ordering remotely going foreword--but the crew is loving the coffee. Snacks are another issue--this week Brian brought Vegan Jerky which was, as you can imagine, amazing.

I had plenty of room posting up with my back to the door.

Cody and Jon had a blast--Cody spent a lot of time with Pizza and playing with the camera!

Goblins, Bugbears, and Ogres attacked the Goldenfields.

The combat map was classic D&D

The ogre was a trebuchet who launched squealing goblins at the party!

The mini's we have assembled are amazing!

The goblins are lighting the town on fire with skittles, the bugbears are looting, the ogre is launching goblins. The green skittled residents of Goldenfields are running to save their lives.

We had a nice early crit!

and the pirate keeps the streak alive with this 19 Crit