Storm King's Thunder--D&D Encounters S23 S17

Cody and I got our fluids and headed over to another great night of D&D Encounters at Alakazam comics!

The face of D&D's Future

The Sword Coast Collective has recently headed North where the giant problem is much more serious--I need to level them up before the right quests begin so I dropped in a D&D Adventure League Module (DDAL05, Forgotten Traditions) to provide some experience. Forgotten Traditions is also kind of old school dungeon crawly with a lot of traps and stuff in the Halls of Hoton-Shul which I thought would be nice for the newer players at the table to get a taste of.

 The maps are also totally fantastic for this adventure--in fact, maps just keep getting better and batter--this little trap drawings are fantastic.

The drive home was awesome--very good session.