Tomb of Annihilation > D&D Encounters S24 S03

I am running Tomb of Annihilation for 5 kids under 10 years old at Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA.

My DM kit, which I will update in more detail in a separate post is basically the Adventure Book and a Field Note Brand Journal.

I am also rolling video of the adventure if you are interested--the camera I am using is very very old.

The evening started with the kids having combat with a scorpion mini from Cody's box--they may have been fighting with each other as well. It was nuts.

Once that settled down and we did a recap we took a break for Pizza. Pizza break is more important then most people realize when playing D&D with kids under 10.

After slices, we were back in Chult where the party was ambushed while traveling upriver to find out what is going on at Camp Vengence.

In the photo below please note Cody's tiny character sheets because I had the printer still set to the 4x6 paper size to print the Christmas Card Envelopes--kid did not know how to reset the printer. Also, note my amazing map--the blue is the flowing river & the green lumps are 45-foot jungle trees.

The party was traveling up a river in canoes lead by two Tortles. My Tortle minis from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter were painted.

A four-armed ape, GIRALLON,  was hurling rocks at the canoes--22 points was enough to sink a canoe.

Crazed Giant Boars were drinking water from the shore--the boys could not help but attack them!

There were two crits, but I did not capture them.

Henry left his Tens on the table & I hope to return it to him next week.