Schwarming Sliver's Cruising in Two Headed Giant


After D&D Encounters this week we again played Two Headed Giant. I only played one match--my Sliver deck went off so hard and fast that they did not want to play with me any more! These were the same decks that V2 and Snaggletooth were using last week when they CRUSHED Brian and I.

I don't see a lot of people playing Sliver decks these days & I am not sure why--I think it is a really fun deck to play & when it goes off it is pretty much unbeatable. 

Schwarming Slivers goes off about every third or fourth time--as long as I get some mana generation going on I can ramp out very quickly and there is very little that I can be done to stop it--even with aggressive removal I can generally just go over the top.

Also, since I am dropping cheap creatures, buy round three I am often casting more than one creature a round--and now that I have added Door of Destiny to the deck that alone has become a real threat.

Lately, I have been closing with Syphon Sliver who just destroys the other players confidence and they scoop when I am at like 45 life--which is always a fun way to win.

However, I am curious why I am not seeing more players using this very simple deck--it seems good to me. 


Murder in Baldur’s Gate--D&D Encounters S15 S8

This week got off to a horrible start--Jack moved up to level three with his Mater Eating Lad character, but we could not figure out how to print from his laptop--so we had to move files around and get things to print from the old Mac, which means we started out about 30 minutes late.

This image perfectly captures my mood & reinforces the basic fact that I am and continue to be a photographic genius.

Brian had a friend that was meeting us at the shop & since we were running so late we needed to text him from the road with status. When Brian uses his speech recognition software on his phone he talks like a member of Star Fleet.

and my new iPhone is going to take some time to get used to--these videos are horrible.

The drive to Fullerton started to pick up when we saw this amazing Cos Play car--someone actually driving around the OC like a deranged Joker--I really love this!

We got food at Pick Up Stix to go--which was awesome--they now ask if you want your tofu extra cooked, which we did--however, they said that Vegetable Fried Brown Rice would be an extra $2.50; so, we got regular brown rice.

Because it is good for you. It has more fiber. And it is more natural, too. Just ask anyone. Everyone knows that Brown Rice is good for you--better than white rice. I mean it is just obvious. I added packaged spicy mustard which grossed out most of the table--I had no idea people reacted so strongly to spicy Asian mustard.

DM Michael was again a no show, so DM Gerard had to run for like 11 people at his table! DM Gerard is really doing a fantastic job running for a very difficult group of players--this season of Encounters the players seem much more interested in fighting each other & creating general uninformed chaos. It is a lot of fun.

Here is Brian enjoying his Pick Up Stix, his new friends elbow, snaggletooth, and a guy playing Hawkeye who is likely having more fun than the rest of us put together.

 A converted Magic player, Jack, and V2 were at the other side of the table.

I like this kid in the Superman Shirt--his thief character is actually having internal conflict & growing as a character. This week he saved a child & protected the crowd--likely the only two heroic acts of the entire session. Haley's Professor X is still dominating the party as the moral compass and generally the only character that actually seems to have a grasp about what our actual goals may be.

The Silver Path Avenger had a difficult week this week--he stayed out of the main fray and did not seem as engaged as he usually is. There was some fantastic Gygaxing of the bodies.

This week, again, we never got out the battle mat--it was all theater of the mind stuff which is very rare for Encounters.

The kids continue to stay much more focused this season--V2 actually used a power to complete a useful act--the first time ever.

Dice House, the shop where we play, is still very busy on Wednesdays. We had to move a lot of Magic players to make room for our game & those guys were not that happy this week--generally, it is not an issue, but with the crowds continuing to swell & a bit of a late start we are running into some general crowding issues.

The game was great, as I am sure is obvious in the video, and I cannot wait until next week.

Stacking Bonus Rule Question

Does "Each attacking creature you control gets +1/+0 " stack? My example is from this Tuesday, Andrew had the Gruul War Chant out
and swung with three creatures.
The next round Andrew attacked with the same three creatures. The question is did the +1/+0 from the previous round fall off or are the creatures +2/+0 this round when they attack.
We ruled that the +1/+0 fell off after combat completed and that they were +1/+0.


Become a Hero! Red Quiz

Explore the world of Theros and begin your journey to become a hero. You can test your Theros™ knowledge with this quiz, then check your answers with the tournament organizer. 
  1. Which of these red heroic creatures grows in size when you cast a spell that targets it?
    Akroan Crusader
    Arena Athlete
    Labyrinth Champion
    Anax and Cymede
  2. According to The Theriad, how many graves did the Champion lament over after her battle with Borderland Minotaurs?
    b  4
    d  12
  3. Which of these red creatures carries delicious fruits?
    Satyr Rambler
    Spearpoint Oread
    Two-Headed Cerberus
    Wild Celebrants
  4. Which of these omens is better than a flock of crows according to the street oracle Hira on the card Peak Eruption?
    a  mourning doves
    b  early sunset
    total solar eclipse
    early olive buds
  5. Which of these items does the red Solider token produced by Akroan Crusader not have with him?
    c  shield
    d  helmet

Slivers are Gold

Tuesday morning is a late start day at South Lake Middle School, so the boys come by for some Tuesday Morning with Magic.

I love this event, I get to sit and drink coffee and be the judge.

Lisa bought the kids Donuts--which were an even bigger hit than last weeks homemade muffins.

The boys are most interested in playing Two Headed Giant--they started with my Sliver deck in the mix which did 26 points of damage on round four when the Theros decks were just getting started.

That was not much fun so they switched back down to the Theros Decks.

Jack is playing some Black, White, Blue deck he built. Cassidy was using my Red White Human Deck, which is actually doing very well.

Alexander is still using the 40 card deck he built at the prerelease--every week he shows up wanting to fix his deck.
Alexander has a fun Red, White, Green deck that needs some mana fixing, but in general is doing very well.

The match ended before the boys could really finish--the last few rounds were played very quickly & were rather frustrating, but overall it was fantastic & I really look foreword to hearing the boys discuss the match.

A very fun week & I am very much looking foreword to next Tuesday.