Actual Play Skull & Shackles Session 7


Actual Play Legacy of the Crystal Shard--D&D Encounters S16 S3

Breakfast & Bandit Beat Down--Legacy of the Crystal Shard--D&D Encounters S16 S3

Last night for D&D Encounters, Brian drove this kick ass Dodge Challanger!

He got hit in Newport while heading to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, which was great--not getting in a car crash, the episode of Doctor Who was great. Like a Hold Steady record with more time travel. Very fun!

The Car was fun also...

The highlight of the D&D Game was this amazing dice tower that Eric built! 

I assume that these will be huge on Etsy by the end of the week.

We had a good turn out this week--about twelve players at one table. 

Brandon continues to roll at Pole Position--this week he dropped his dwarf for a bow ranger.

Thor's Death Cleric continues to dominate. Codie has a bard.

Behind the screen there was a lot of chaos.

Jack was in fine form again. New guy Curtis rocked Mowie the Half-Orc Barbarian with a ideal of Happiness--this is going to be great!

There were a lot of crits--I scored one early with the big boy die!


Exile vs. Dies

Another great morning of Tuesday Morning with Magic--Jack's Junior High magic fight. We had Seven boys--Derek, Alexander, Andrew, Matt, Evan, and Dylan. Jack went 4-0.

Derek was playing UR when he had a Elspeth in his hand, so I spent some time moving him to RW.

We only had one real rules question--the boys are getting much better & faster at playing.

Andrew cast Curse of the Swine:

On Evan's Pitchburn Devils:

Does the 3 damage to Andrew happen?
I ruled it did not because Death & Exile are not the same thing--dead cards go to the graveyard & exile is something different.