Actual Play Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S1


Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S1

Another fun week one of D&D Encounters at Mercenary Market.

There is a great overview of the material over at DungeonMaster.com

Jack is still playing mostly magic & not that into D&D Next.

Brian is bored of starting every season as a caravan guard.

Scott was stoked--he is playing an interesting character and having a great time.

Richard and Alex are completely the rock stars of this season. 

Thor actually missed this week--which is amazing for a min/maxer of his caliber. 

We had a huge table.

I mean really huge--like ten players.

I did have plenty of space and I am stoked with my new pencil.

There was only one critical hit this week--it was a fantastic game changing attack to disable a guard and get us into Daggerford unharmed.

These Character cards are always an awesome adventure aid.

The map this season is one of the greatest maps ever created.

I need new dice for my ninja.


Goblins #5 by Paul Allor

Goblins #5Goblins #5 by Paul Allor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was such a fantastic idea--I really love the Pathfinder Goblins; but the stories stopped being magical and new around issue #3. They all kind of blend into one and the crazy creative mischievous nature of Goblins starts to be replaced with the kind of mundane tales. The art was not bad, the stories were not bad, but it just overall started feeling the same.

I still really like the end material--some of the best writing occurs in the character motivation sections of the bio's in the back.

Overall this was a fun exercise & I am really glad Dynamite did it, but it could have used more out of the box writing, more risks with the structure of the stories, and more over the top antics.

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Pathfinder 12 by Jim Zubkavich

Pathfinder 12Pathfinder 12 by Jim Zubkavich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic end to the Arc--I really liked how the this issue closed so many of the major plot points while still moving the characters foreword.

The end material is again awesome--the character stats & magic items are just fantastic additions to this book.

A great read & likely the best D&D Comic ever.

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Pile of Backpacks.

Another fun Tuesday.

Tuesday crew continues to grow--we have added Preston who has some Pokemon background & is playing very well.

Cassidy was out sick & Alexander was exhausted after GATE day.

But we had the extra table out and a full flight of 4 games going the entire time. 

There was some very solid play as the kids continue to improve their decks.

they are also starting to make their own rules decisions & not relying on me as much, which is nice.

Andrew and Jack are likely the dominant players. 

Muffins went fast this week.