Tuesday Morning Magic

Last night, Jack & I went by the Bauhofer's to borrow some tin foil so Lisa could make Lasagna. Here is the view inside the house:

The next morning it was Magic Time!

I got to play my Simic deck a bunch today--I went 2-2...I could not keep pace with giant monster decks. Not that great, but my deck box is awesome!

Preston continues to play strong as he builds out his decks.

Evan is playing much better--an aggressive Green Red strategy.

Andrew continues to play monsters. Jack deleted his Pokemon saved file & is now trying to desperately rebuild.

Cassidy is playing Blue White.



Brandon Sanderson at Barnes & Noble Huntington Beach

Last night Brandon Sanderson came to town on his Words of Radiance book tour. 

The store was packed.

He chatted for 15 minutes, took 15 minutes of questions, read from a short story in progress, and then did a signing. The questions were great--he was asked about Anti-Hero's and answered with a straight face while wearing a batman t-shirt. He was asked about his last trip through town with Wheel of Time. He talked a lot about the writing process behind this book, his other books, and his current schedule.

He was charming and fantastic.

As part of the 17th Shard Tour Scrapbook project, I passed out cards and then collected them for inclusion. Here are pictures of everything I got:


Born of the Gods Deck Tech

Born of the Gods Game Day @ Monsters & Magic in Mission Viejo, CA

Tuesday Crew headed down to Mission Viejo for some drafting on Born of the Gods Game Day. We drove down in Lisa's mini van.

David Welty was there for his first Magic event in a long time.

Scott drafted like a champ & had some really good cards--Xenegos among them.

Derek went for a three color strategy--he lost close ones in round one, but I think he won his next two rounds easily.

Cameron's daughter Briana was there & playing some very close matches.

Alex played in his first even & needed more help then he got--I think he had a lot of fun, but he did not draft well & struggled to score at all throughout the day.

We had two complete pods in the draft.

Preston was also playing in his first even & he did very well. 

Cameron ended up winning my pod with a classic Green/ White Heroic strategy.

David was stoked to take home so many rares.

It was a super fun day.