Actual Play Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S7

Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S7

This week started with Jeff expressing his opinion that the Beatles suck. Unfortunately, I did not catch it on tape, but basically his theory seemed to be that they simply copied other artists--like Jimi. It was amazing & awesome.

But before we could really get to the bottom of things we were distracted by Weird Al...and when I tried to describe the Al Yankovic vs Weird Al accordion issue, I simply confused matters further.

Basically, the perfect start to a game session.

DM Brian was in great form again this week--he prepared with amazing Desert Skittles and ran another combat intensive dungeon crawl--of course, I immediately split the party and had a total blast.

Thor continues his streak of amazing roles playing a fighter ranger. This week he also crushed Jack in Pokémon. Jack argues that he got lucky & may have been cheating...we can only wait for the rematch!

Jeff was on fire this week--great stories, epic D&D'ing and just having a great time.

Richard was a little late this week, but had another great hoodie & joined the boys for Pizza from next door--which he argues is great for the price.

Brandon did not think he was going to make it so he was late. He had to recreate his Cleric again this week--his new name is Francis. He was having a blast.

Jack, besides loosing to Thor & being one shot by a dual halberd wielding gnoll, appeared to have a pretty good time.

I am trying to invent a new photo style called the Floory. Here is a strong example of the genre.

I had plenty of room at the table this week.

 The players are fairly distracted--no one is even sure what is going on in the story.

DM Brian does not take any goofing off at his table.

Our mini's look really good this season.

We ran around fighting a lot of Gnolls.

Richard purchased a tiny die.


Know Direction 80 - Early March 2014

Know Direction 80 is a great episode in two parts.

Perram, the normal host is not there so in part one Ryan talks with Medusa herself, Christina Stiles, award-winning freelance tabletop roleplaying game writer, editor, and developer from South Carolina. Her new compilation, Medusa's Guide for Gamer Girls, recently funded on Indiegogo.

She is an old school playful interview with some choice references to her local Pathfinder Society. A fun interview.

Then there is a great interview with RPG Superstar, Victoria Jaczko! Super great insight into her design methods, how she felt about feedback, and writing with a busy schedule. 

This is a fantastic interview with a very charasmatic women in the community--I expect more greatness to come from her soon.

Magic Trip to UCLA

Jack had another appointment at UCLA to see Dr Levinson.

We rearranged his office so that we could play. 

Jack lost the roll for the first game & scooped after I triple Ordeal of Nylea'd my chimera.

we signed up for an eye magazine.

After the appointment, Levinson gave us a tour of his office.

He asked about our spirituality. Showed us his new favorite book. And was basically his wonderful self.

After the tour we headed back to Irvine, where we had lunch at Veggie Grill. A tough day at the doctor is always made better with Magic: The Gathering and over priced Vegan food.

Game three got off to an ok start.

But then I was mana screwed & Jack crushed me with a massive Master of Waves! 

The face of Magic.

Tuesday with sweat bread, Dylan's new mat, and a black deck box.

The Crew is starting to get better card supplies.

Dylan is still ruling with Slivers.

Preston has a lot of cards & is really playing well. Cassidy did well this morning as well--won twice, I think.

Matt is still building new decks--this morning he had a five dollar blue deck which was just awesome!

 Derek is bring three color control to the table.

The new joke at the table is instead of saying "I pass" at the end of ones turn, you say "I passsss...IFY YOU!"

Andrew was late because he had to finish watching Pokemon movies.

Table is starting to look like a game store. 


I attempted to end Dylan's Sliver Domination!

He shuffled it up & swang for 82 in the first game. 82 is the new Tuesday high.

I was able to cast Chomanticor!

and win the second game...however, we had to stop after game two so that the kids could get to school--Sliver King will be named next week.