Preview Dead in Thay

Conversation is already hot around the next season of D&D Encounters.

Even though it is not yet available from D&D Classics there are some spoilers available online.

The official blurb has:

This season of D&D Encounters kicks off May 10-11 with a cooperative launch weekend event, and then runs every Wednesday from May 14 until August 6.

Dead in Thay is a tribute to Tomb of Horrors, The Ruins of Undermountain, and other killer dungeons. The monsters, traps, and hazards in the adventure create a deadly challenge.

With Dead in Thay, Szass Tam, the lich lord of Thay, and his Red Wizards threaten to dominate all of the Sword Coast. The Bloodgate, an elemental node of power, must be destroyed in order to stop him.

This adventure is part two of the Dreams of the Red Wizards Sundering storyline, directly tied to Scourge of the Sword Coast, and loosely connected to the events in Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle.

Designed by Scott Fitzgerald Gray. This adventure is part of the Dreams of the Red Wizards storyline, continuing events in Scourge of the Sword Coast.

The Sentinel (The Sundering, #5) by Troy Denning [The Sundered Book Club]

My Good Reads book club is reading the most recent book in the Sundering series from Wizards of the Coast.

This book is so fast paced it is almost scary--likely not worth picking up if you have not already read the other titles--but if you have been playing along this is a Great Fifth Book--really moves things along very quickly.

My original understanding was that Sundering was supposed to correct a lot of the Forgotten Realms chaos created by the 4th Edition Spell Plague stuff, but in actually it is doing a lot more to clarify and correct some of the issues with the FR Pantheon going a lot further back.

A fun read & I really encourage everyone to join in the Good Reads discussion.


Actual Play Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S8

Scourge of the Sword Coast--D&D Encounters S17 S8

Mercenary Market has the biggest and smallest dice.

We started the night at Chipotle--again. Jack had a blow out.

DM Brian was able to get all of the salsa for his chips

He was in fine form at the table tonight

Jack was ready to run

His Dwarf with Maul archetype is really working out--unless he gets one punched. 

Richard is a very funny player--some great stuff out of him this week

Scott is back from Israel. His Monk Wizard is some amazing 5E min/maxing

I posted up on the corner--a four person Encounters session is a dream come true!

I had plenty of room to run my monk.

The other table is further along in the story then we are--and seem to be having a whole lot of fun.

The shop did not have any War Gamers tonight & seemed a lot less crowded.

Our table was all smiles.

 As we headed into more Gnoll Killing--we did also find a Red Wizard of Thay

Some great mini action

Scott's is very classic

Grian uses Dice for Gnolls.

My ninja & Scott's Monk getting the beat down on the boss

Brian had a great time.