Drive To Work Podcast #119

Drive To Work Podcast Episode number 119 is a great review of 1999--a fun year of growth for Magic-The Gathering.
Evan has the set with the CD-ROM game & comic book--not sure if he has the unique cards, but I plan on checking.
Good to hear Kai coming up a lot.
Wish that they still had a Junior division or whatever for kids under 18--think that is a very good idea.
Also, loved the story of the horrible play--good to hear that even pro players make mistakes.

Magic with a Bad Back

Another fun Tuesday Magic. I played my Simic Deck which still brings me great joy.

I went up against Preston who is playing monsters with protection--it was a fun fight. My back went out before round two so I had to scoop with a Prophet on the table...

Matt went up against Jack's heavy removal deck--he was not stocked.

Liam & Cassidy had a long fight.

Jack had a blast.

All of the other boys showed up after I had to go to work, but it was a full crew and a great morning.

Athreos German Translation

Perhaps I have been playing with 13-year olds for far to long, but I find this absolutely hilarious.

I am not sure if it is an unfortunate translation or a deliberate commentary on Crack Gate


Free Comic Book Day Dance

Here is my attempt to capture Cody's Free Comic Book Day dance--I strongly recommend listening to Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier --that is what Cody was singing while dancing.

FNM @ Majestix

Jack, Andrew, Evan, Dylan, and I went to Majestix for some Born into Nyx release draft.

Evan had a blast & bought a lot of tokens.

Dylan had a great time at his second FNM.

Alexander also had  blast--he had not been playing for a while, but was still able to draft a Storm-breath Dragon and go big with red! 

Jack crushed me in round three. Andrew & Dylan were in the same pod and also had an epic battle. Evan was solo in pod two which was very challenging.

It was a great night.