Actual Play Dead in Thay--D&D Encounters S18 S13


Dead in Thay--D&D Encounters S18 S13

We started the week at Chipotle. There is still talk of going to some 2 dollar sushi place in the mall, but it just never seems like we have enough time. Plus Chipotle is awesome--of course, I did not eat any since Lisa has me on a diet...Jack & DM Scott ruled it

Two full table again this week.

I was on the end, and though I had no chair, I still had plenty of space.

There was some interaction between the two tables as we entered the final stages of Dead in Thay--some crazy pyramid crypt thing.

I was lucky and rolled two crits with Spiritual Weapon.

Favorite Season of D&D Encounters

Favorite Season of D&D Encounters

Season 0: Delve Night0%
Season 1: Undermountain0%
Season 2: Dark Sun - Fury of the Wastewalker0%
Season 3: Keep on the Borderlands0%
Season 4: March of the Phantom Brigade0%
Season 5: Dark Legacy of Evard0%
Season 6: Lost Crown of Neverwinter0%
Season 7: Beyond the Crystal Cave0%
Season 8: The Elder Elemental Eye0%
Season 9: Web of the Spider Queen0%
Season 10: Council of Spiders0%
Season 11: War of Everlasting Darkness0%
Season 12: Against the Cult of Chaos0%
Season 13: Storm Over Neverwinter0%
Season 14: Search for the Diamond Staff0%
Season 15: Murder in Baldur's Gate0%
Season 16: Legacy of the Crystal Shard0%
Season 17: Scourge of the Sword Coast0%
Season 18: Dead in Thay0%

MtA Episode 82: Cantrip, Can’t Trip

A great episode of Magic the Amateuring!

Ben is not there, but Matthias does a great job filling in. This episode has more historical information then normal--the section Banned in Legacy--is particularly great.

As always, this is a fun playful podcast about Magic.

Tact-Tiles Return, Breaking D&D is Bad, and is Ragequitting Okay? HASTE 119

A great episode of HASTE--actually feels like a bit of a return for Jerry who has seemed disconnected and not that into the last few episodes.

Good review of a kickstarter for some tiles, a wonderful discussion on rage quitting, and an anti min/maxing discussion. I think that these conversations around "bag-of-rats fighters" are very helpful as we move to the new edition of D&D. 

I enjoyed this one a lot.