Orange County Coordinator for D&D Adventure League

Today I got the following great news from the D&D Adventure League!

Dear David,

Congratulations! I am glad to offer you a position as the local coordinator for the D&D Adventurers League in Orange County!

The area includes the following stores and communities:

Brookhurst Hobbies; 12188 Brookhurst St; Garden Grove, CA 92840; 714-636-3580; Encounters & Expeditions
Card Addiction; 2445 E Orangethorpe; Fullerton, CA 92831; 714-870-1194; Encounters
Comic Book Hideout; 215 W Commonwealth Ave; Fullerton, CA 92832; 657-217-0624; No D&DAL
Comic Hero University; 140 E Santa Fe Ave; Fullerton, CA 92832; 949-424-3768; Encounters
Comic Quest; 23811 Bridger Rd; Ste 100; Lake Forest, CA 92630; 949-951-9668; Encounters & Expeditions
Dice House Games; 2493 E Chapman Ave; Fullerton, CA 92831; 714-871-6494; Encounters & Casual Play
Game Master; 24155 Laguna Hills Mall; Laguna Hills, CA 92653; 949-457-0290; Encounters & Expeditions
Majestix CCG; 2075 Newport Blvd; Ste 104; Costa Mesa, CA 92627; 949-650-6100; Expeditions
Realm Games and Comics, The; 1033 E Imperial Hwy; Ste E3; Brea, CA 92821; 714-990-8450; Encounters
Shadow Lab; 7561 Center Ave; Ste 7; Huntington Beach, CA 92647; 714-622-5707; No D&DAL
Shuffle and Cut Games - La Habra; 2121 E Lambert Rd; Ste 305; La Habra, CA 90631; 562-694-9500; Encounters & Expeditions
SoCalMagic; 1818 W. Chapman Ave. Suite B; Orange, CA 92868; 714-634-1818; Encounters & Expeditions
Trinity Comics; 18814 Brookhurst St; Fountain Valley, CA 92708; 714-963-4196; No D&DAL
Triple Crown Comic Card Collectibles; 1671 Anaheim St; Harbor City, CA 90710; 310-326-8967; Encounters

I will send you an email with more information about the position and an initial assignment in the next day or so

I actually think that there are too many stores in Orange County to expect you to go it alone there. Therefore, in the next few days, I will also advertise a second opening for a local coordinator in Orange County. Once we get a second person, the two of you can work out who will cover what stores and communities.

In the meantime, could you please reply to this email to confirm that you accept the position as soon as possible so that I can make the announcement? In addition, may I ask you in that email to include a good mailing address for you so that I can start a contact roster?

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I work from home, so you can often reach me during the day. My office landline number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. My cell number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. You have my email address. In case you ever need it, my mailing address is Art Severance, xxxx abcd Avenue, city, state zip. All of that information will be on the contact roster as well, which I will send out as soon as it is finished.

I look forward to working with you! Welcome to the team!

Very truly yours,



Khans of Tarkir Prerelease at Dice House Games

I took the Tuesday Crew to Dice House Games in Fullerton for the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease. Tuan runs the best game store in Southern California and his magic events are always high energy and very well attended.

I took Matt, Evan, Alexander, Jack, Andrew, and Will.

Dice house is super awesome in that Tuan has table mats on all the tables

My first match was against Brandon--I was playing Blue White and he crushed me. 

The table was a little crowded with some Wannabe Dude Bro's, but over all the crowd was super fun to play against and super awesome.

After the event was over and the boys got there packs we headed for Pieology for pizza.

Prerelease Plan--Khans of Tarkir

Got a very late start getting ready of this...Basically it is 5:02 AM Pacific Time & I am playing at DiceHouse at 12:00 Noon and I have looked at zero cards.

I want to play White / Black / Green -- but I do not know what that wedge is called [I don't even know the flavor, yet]--these are my notes for getting ready.

  1. Tweet the Pros--Chapin, LSV, Finkel, and Kibler for advice
  2. Image Gallery Review
  3. Tweet to Community--Wizards Magic, Wedge, & Magic the Amateuring podcast.
  4. Look at the Morph Flashcards

  5. Review the Channel Fireball PV’s Playhouse – Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Primer article
    a. Play three colors--CHECK
    b. Don't fear morph--CHECK
    c. There is lots of removal--CHECK
  6. Corrected spelling of Tarkir
  7. I think I want to play Abzan mostly because of Seige Rhino


Actual Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S5

Celestial Flare a Storm Breath Dragon

Great week at Tuesday, we invented the team saying:
 W.W.B.L.D--What Would Bruce Lee Do
which is very very funny if you are 12.

We invented a new house rule:

  1. Don't flip iPhone's to see who goes first.
And we only had one real rules discussion.

Andrew cast and swung with Stormbreath Dragon

I responded with Celestial Flare

Does Andrew sac the SBD or does he have protection from my white spell?

We ruled it did & we seem to have been right--again! 

7/1/2013Celestial Flare targets only a player, not any creature. A creature with hexproof or protection from white can be sacrificed this way.

That is three correct answers in a row!