Extra Life 2014

Extra Life Fund Raiser!

If you are interested in helping Jack & his friends raise money for CHOC by playing games [including a wicked Pretty Pretty Princess game in Irvine] please consider joining Tuesday.

We tried to participate in this last minute last year & ended up drafting Magic at the Spectrum before seeing Ender's Game. Ideally we will be more organized this time out.

I will keep this group in the loop. Right now we are just getting everyone signed up in the group. Once we know the group size we will start organizing more specific events.


Actual Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S6


Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S6

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest!

This week started with taking out the trash & quickly moved to Pei Wei which is clearly one of the team favorites!

Jack brought his Oregonian Switchblade Fork just to make sure...

Two of the players at my table learned how to paint mini's at PAX

I love those booths where you can try to paint mini's & in my experience they often generate the best figures!

The Magic Crowd was way down again this week--which was good new for us...MORE TABLE SPACE!

I had  full table of Camille

Andy, Garrett, Jack

Lisa, David, Sharon

And legendary player ALAN!

Brian's table was also fairly crowded this week.

There was a new player here for her first time who jumped in and appeared to have a blast!

I am still using the Pathfinder iCrit & iFumble app which I think are amazing.

The encounters this week were mostly just silly combat events which was not that awesome--I hurried the roll play at the beginning because of table size & concerns I was not going to get to where we needed to be at the end.

We had a lot of Crits this week--including this amazing Fireball Fingernail Crit!

Another great week!


Tuesday Crew Khans of Tarkir Week One

Another Great Tuesday--Lisa made Pumpkin muffins so the house smelled especially good this week.

Boys were on point and doing a lot of trading and/or trade planning

There was a more card sorting going on than is normal for this play group

The boys are very comfortable with the rules and generally know how to run their decks.

Andrew is continuing to win big with Giant Monsters!

We played a lot of two headed giant which was a lot of fun.

There were one or two rules questions which I will post separately.

A good week!

Rules Question on Protection & Attacking The Next Round

I am sure that this happens all of the time, but I had no idea how to respond when the players rules question made absolutely no sense.

Someone swings with the Prophet or some other multicolored creature

Blocked by Soldier of the Pantheon

and then it is stated that the Prophet cannot attack next round because she was blocked by a creature with protection last round.

So basically a rules question around something that is not in the rules to my knowledge...as a judge, I have learned the fine art of the slow down, the trigger review, the rule review, the threat of the stack--all classic judge moves to help players arrive at the right decision on their own--my goal as a judge, by the way...

But what does one do when one player is kind of making up weird rules that do not really fit?