Ok, so in Dungeons and Dragons an Elephant costs 200gp. Of course, my players bought one as soon as possible.

The Elephant is named Steve. He was called Stompy by the Kobolds. I drew a picture.

Which was not very good--so I asked the +Crit Juice team to draw me a picture. This is what they sent me & it is awesome.

Actual Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S9


Hoard of the Dragon Queen--D&D Encounters S19 S9

Another great week of D&D Encounters at Comic Quest--we had M&M's this week!

I was obsessed with the Felony Song this week, which no one at the table remembered

Also, my players purchased an Elephant (which I assume that most D&D Encounters did--I mean for 200 gold, why not!)

Which lead me to reflect on this horrible video of a man getting his head stuck in an elephants butt--which may be fake, you should not watch, but...

Comic Quest still has a lot of Magic Players every week, even after the Drew Event!

DM Nathan had a very full table again this week

I had Scott

Christie & David





And Garrett who I somehow failed to get on film.

I DM from the end and have plenty of space for my massive D20's

The players are crowded, but I think that they do have enough space.

Marc printed out these fantastic maps

Which really made things move smoothly--you will have to watch the video to understand why I was not covering anything up.

I am still using the Pathfinder iCrit & iFumble apps which are awesome!

No change in the nails today

And we had some great Crits

Really looking for next week--the Dungeon Crawl section of this is really fun to run.


Khans of Tarkir Game Day @ Comic Quest

Jack & I headed to Comic Quest for Khans of Tarkir Game Day.

We were an hour late--event started at 11:00 AM & we thought it was at Noon--but they had started 30 minutes late so we were able to drop in fairly easily.

My first game was against Jack. He took the Bye and I took the lose.

His deck is very good--Jeskai with some wild Mantis Riders and other threats. I am playing Abzan Kind of Lame because I do not have all of the pieces to make it good.

My second match was against Stephen who is playing Minotaur's. I was confident and had fun playing him--I missed my green drops & got run over, but it was fun.

Round three I played against FNM Superstar Drew who was playing some odd Combo deck that never really went off--it was a very good time.




The Bake is Back! Summer has seen us miss a lot of sessions, but we appear to be getting back on track.

DM James was in fine form, as always

Cameron was in a great mood.

Brett's Elf Ranger did 210 in one round.

It was really good to see Eric--seems like he has not been available a few times lately.

I shared the couch with Andrew & David.

James has us well equied in the Epic Tier

as we move against Gnolls trying to bring this guy back

I am still taking a lot of notes

And putting it all up on Epic Words

at level 21 even iPlay4E does not help run your character--you have to start creating spreadsheets with conditional effect information.

Tracking initiative is a challenge with everything that is going on.

The MC Alternative radio station was the Bomb again last night--Ty Segal is my favorite thing that they are playing right now.

Falling from our Sky Boat a gnoll takes 14d6!

I was able to bamf a guy onto our ship who was promptly pushed off by David's character--he is playing two and I am not really sure exactly which one this was--the elf with boy is Vandale's Shooter who is ridiculous at this level--he has 5 hunters quarries and some power in which he can attack them all--just sick.

Griff and the ground crew--which included Cameron's Fiddenmar, Andrew's Bemin, Eric's Griff, & David's Warlord, I thin--just mowed stuff down!

KUBA the fourth incarnation of my Shardmind went toe to toe with the Angelic Soldier in an epic battle that I won with a round house to the face!

We had two crits which are sick, but with all the damage we are handing out not as spectacular as one would hope--we likely need to min/max around crits more again.