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Accomplices Mug Shots -- D20 Update

D20 Eaten


Chasing Birds, Alarums, & DM Planning on a Perfect Wednesday.

I started the day with some Home School Homework.

And then Cody & I headed over to the DM Lunch

Cody ran around trying to take pictures of birds--a very difficult task.

He captured this one just before take off! 

the Princes of the Apocolypse Elemental Evil book is out--mostly an adventure book--which I may not purchase--the second release in a row from WotC that I have not paid for--I did not get Rise of Tiamet either.

I do not know what the word Alarums and Excursions means. D&D is still teaching me new words! So cool to be exposed to military terms that I would not find anywhere else in my world.

We had four of the six DM's show up. They are doing an amazing job working together as a team, sharing ideas and everything--it is the best I have ever seen. Nathan, the SO, is also doing a great job of table management.

Currently, at Comic Quest, I am seeing some amazingly great D&D Organized play.


Yesterday, Brian and I meet at Native Foods to play Magic. We brought our Prerelease Draft Decks because Brian had won the Prerelease & I wanted to see how good he actually was. 

As was to be expected, I crushed him 2-0. The first game I did stall out a little and he almost had me, but the second game I got my dragon out & slaughtered him.

As we were scooping up our supplies, he stole my counter, which was an original Gamescience White.

I have others and was not that concerned he would eventually return it--he seemed really upset that I had crushed him so badly & I did not want to get into a wrestling match with him at Veggie Grill.

In any event, after he got back to the office he started to send me taunting pictures of my D20.

I thought I could taunt through this by reminding him of my victory

And it continued through out the rest of the afternoon


Which was going ok, until the pictures started to get weird 

Which had me very worried for what he was putting my D20 through.

And as night started to fall & Brian still had not returned my D20, I started to get worried

And then things took a very DARK TURN!

I am pretty sure I do not want the D20 back now...