Actual Play Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S11


Elemental Evil--D&D Encounters S20 S11

Another huge night of D&D Encounters after a I missed two in a row because of work....

Before the game we did a T-Shirt selfie contest

Which was awesome.

Jack and I were a little late this week & the action was already on outside the shop at DM Camille's table [he was filling in for DM Chris], and DM Chloe's table which filled up and caused DM Spenser to be called in to run a second high level table!

DM Robert was fired up and ready to run.

Josh continues to play his Super Powered Druid--whose bear form is still likely the most optimized character at the table

Regina, Ben, and New Chris were also in fine form this week.

We also had Nepal, Brendan, & new Nathan

as well as Josh.

we basically broke camp & continued on our way to the camp marked on the map we had acquired from the Sky Castle


Actually, they were more like Pirates...and our Goliath was able to mark them up and tie up about half of them.

The Reaver leader created a Cyclone which did a good job of slowing us down.

and we had some solid rolling 

to our final victory in the fight--we did capture two prisoners which we will investigate next time!

I also found it funny this week that I had pre-entered my GroupMe Text Chat with the only obvious response to just about anything posted on a Wednesday night:

DM Summit @ Native Foods

I rode my bike over the district & ordered a Soul Bowl at Native Foods

which is without a doubt the best thing on the menu.

Camille had posted up at the outdoor table by the fire place right out side the movie theater--it was a perfect day

We talked college, girlfriends career, RenFaire, and a little D&D.

Some guy rode by on a Solo Wheel

which was awesome!

Spencer and I then headed over to Portola coffee where we had to stand behind an unnecessary example of young love before enjoying our Coffee and talking about Cooking as Art.


Another great D&D Podcast

The blurb for this one reads
We talk with Doug Davison from Fantasy Grounds, and then a visit from R&D Gamer Designers Chris Dupuis and Ben Petrisor.
Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds is an application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative roleplaying games. Designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing at a conventional gaming table and move it online.
Temple of Elemental Evil
In the Temple of Elemental Evil board game, you play as a heroic adventurer. With amazing abilities, spells and magic weapons, you must explore the dungeons beneath the Sword Coast where you will fight monsters, overcome hazards and find treasure. Are you ready for adventure?

The Fantasy Grounds is great--Doug has been on a lot of podcasts recently & this one contains some of his clearest explanation of the cost structure.

The Temple of Elemental Evil discussion is interesting--Chris has a fascinating career path & Ben is always awesome. I have only played one Adventure System game & I did not really love it, but it is nice to see WotC still supporting it.

I am not really interested in either of the topics this month & I miss Rodney, but I am glad that they seem to be staying on a more disciplined release schedule. 

Round Table 71 - Dragon+ and Survey Results Review

A rather short episode this week--they open with what is your favorite module & someone says the Dinosaur Lair Assualt which really was great!

The blurb has:
James Introcaso sits down with Joe Lastowski, Andrew Kane, and Vegas Lancaster to discuss the newly launched Dragon+ app and the results of the second D&D 5th Edition survey. This podcast was recorded on May 21, 2015.

I thought that they were overly optimistic on the D+ app which is really not good & a waste of resources that could have been spent making an online character builder or other fan requested tools. Maybe I am alone in this, but I want Dragon back--just pure and simple Dragon like in the old days--not this ad ware zine that reprints Tumblr posts. D+ will need to get much better before I am in. 

The survey summary shows how desperate we are for content--I mean if all we have to talk about going into Summer & Con Season is the Survey Results D&D is really loosing some of its steam.