Ray Bradbury

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down


Bard: His companions get +5 to hit.

Fantasy Football Starts Today

This remains one of my favorite days of the year--when all the suburban dads are doing their fantasy football drafts at the local Buffalo Wings place....

Every year, I feel the same weird anti-Jock sentiment that I felt in High School

And every year, these meme's make me laugh!


PODCAST KIDS & STORIES D&D Podcasts By Bart Carroll, Shelly Mazzanoble, Trevor Kidd, Greg Tito

Another great episode of the Official D&D Podcast--here is the official blurb:
A conversation about the game's developing storylines, and then teaching and playing D&D with kids. In today's episode, R&D's Chris Perkins takes a look at the game’s continuing campaign storylines. Then, Tom Olsen and Susan Morris join us to discuss the subject of teaching and playing D&D with kids.

The discussion with Perkins is awesome--his move to Story Seasons over Campaign is a bold change which I really support, even if it means more connection to the video game side of things. Chris is funny and clever and sets expectations very high for the upcoming PAX game!

The discussion of playing with kids is not a great--much of this has been covered before--I think next time they should have some actual kids on the show to discuss their experience.

Overall a great podcast from Wizards--very glad that they are doing this regularly.