Civil War

 Jack, Brian, & I went and saw the opening of Civil War at the Spectrum...we had a great deal of fun taunting the Team Cap fans and taking our pictures with the standees...

 Jack nailed it--my hatred of Scarlet Witch & love of Hawkeye's bow is captured well in this photo.

Brain also nailed it--flipping off the Juicers while joining Team IM with fire and vigor.

We picked up the collectable cup & metal popcorn container.

 We played Magic in the VIP section.

It was a really fun time--felt like a return to a great time that Brian & Jack used to have...


Actual Play Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S8


Jack did a usability study at Blizzard & I got to play Hearthstone in the Lobby.

Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S8 P

On the drive to Kingslayer Comics this light came on...

 it was the gas cap indicator....The table set up was amazing.

We likely have more snack diversity then any other table in the history of D&D--skittles, chocolate, cherries, pop rocks, coffee, water, weird waters, carrots, star wars fruit chews, cheese--like lots of different kinds...it is getting out of hand.

The game continued with a slow slug fest & then got into some fun role playing.

I forgot my dice again & had to buy another set.

The players are having a very good time--not sure how great I am doing capturing the spirit of Boravia & Curse of Strahd, but I think we are doing fine.

Here is an amazing Dice Holder

And a unicorn horn

The Mini's are also getting better

There were some crits

The pathfinder iCrit and iFumble tables continue to bring me great joy.

Cannot wait until next week.