Cody's Wizard of the Vines plan

Curse of Strahd (Tome 264)

This is a fantastic review of the latest D&D Adventure book.

Here is the Blurb:

In this episode of the The Tome Show, Jeff & Tracy are joined by Sam Dillon and David Gibson to discuss Wizards of the Coast's latest 5e D&D adventure, Curse of Strahd. Their discussion is followed by an interview with the product's lead designer, Chris Perkins.

The initial overview of the product & detailed breakdown of the content includes a ton of references to previous Ravenloft material which is awesome. The discussion of the encouraged play style is helpful if you are planning to run this.

Overall this is the kind of podcast that Jeff and gang do best.

The interview with Chris is awesome--Chris is an amazingly informative and interesting guess and he and Jeff speak almost the exact same language. The responses to specific criticism is completely amazing.

I strongly recommend this episode if you are planning to run this and/or if you need general Ravenloft tips or lore. Very much worth listening to. 


This is another amazing episode of the official D&D Podcast. The blurb is short:

 Clinical Psychologist  Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo visits the office to talk about using Dungeons & Dragons to help autistic kids learn social skills.

But this does not tell half o the story--Raffael is an old school DM who brings a lot of fantastic trivia, out of context quotes, and general playfulness to the proceedings making this an above average episode.

The actual discussion around the work Dr Boccamazzo is doing is also extremely interesting--the value of play, the importance of parental involvement in children's activities, and the overall wisdom of the approach is all very instructive, informative, and instersting.

I have actually recommended this episode to a lot of people who are not actual D&D players--strongly recommend listening to this episode. 


Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S10

Lisa started the night off right with a fantastic quesadilla for dinner!

I did not have too much time to prep for tonight's game, but we did make some progress cleaning out the evil druids from the Wizards of Wines winery & getting the party to the Abby in Krezek. There is still so much that needs to be done.

Several crits were rolled.