Rules of Conduct

So a lot of game shops, especially the ones where they play a lot of Magic, have posted rules of behavior--generally stuff like

And there is often an expectation that Organized Play DM's are somehow responsible for enforcement

Which is a little crazy--I mean, for me, personally, I have very little interest in rules enforcement of any kind....I prefer shops with more playful signage

But I bet there is some good justification for some rules & I am curious what that may be. Maybe it is time to start a new tumblr to post Game Shop rules?


The Art of Magic: The Gathering Innistrad


Actual Play Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S15

Curse of Strahd--D&D Encounters S22 S15

Another fun week of D&D Encounters at Kingslayer Comics.

Melissa was back so the snacks were once again complete out of control.

I am getting to know the other players characters personalities better as we move into the final few weeks of this campaign.

I did struggle a lot tonight with table management--spell casters are hard to run when you have a bunch of other creatures. The Cherries are Zombies, the Coffee Cup lid is a Giant Skull. Baba is the green and yellow taffy. The red and blue skittles are scarecrows. the red line is a wall of fire. The red square is a zone of slow.

I thought the Brezek Runs of Baby Lysaga would be a lot harder -- but the 7th level castsers really shut the encounter down. I do not have much experience running 5E above level 5 and that likely came into play with my general tactics.

There were some crits & funbles but I did not use a table for those this night--this is funny...


Plane Shift: Innistrad

I09 has a review and some preview pages...I am out of my mind with excitement for this...

This is completely awesome & amazing FREE product!